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GARRISON-JUNG ENTERPRISE, LLC, owner of the "Bella Mademoiselle" brand, was founded in 2017 in the United States and its headquarters is located in the city of Orlando, Florida. We operate in the health and beauty segment and our product lines are sold through wholesale and retail service through our employees. Another sales channel used in the United States is our website that serves every country plus Canada and Mexico neighboring countries. Our storage and logistics is very well structured and all concentrated in the city of Orlando close to Orlando International Airport from where we send our products daily to customers. In 2019 we expanded our operations to South America by opening our first branch with headquarters in the city of Curitiba, state of Paraná in Brazil. We commercialize high performance dermocosmetics, indicated and also prescribed by dermatologists developed for the home care segment. The development of our skin products was carried out by a European cosmetic laboratory under strict standards of quality, process control and certification. Products are tracked from the origin in the extraction of assets used in our formulas to the final process, always respecting the environment in a sustainable way. A great example of this is our product line "Rituals of Beauty", which contains in its composition assets extracted from licensed reserves in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, according to small local communities, always respecting the environment and practicing sustainable management to carry out the asset extraction, helping to generate income for local communities. The entire process is certified by EcoVartis, one of the main sustainability certification companies in the world. We are a dynamic organization and attentive to market changes, our differentials are the flexibility of negotiation, technical, managerial and operational capacity, resulting in high quality in the provision of services.We commercialize products for skin treatment, to rejuvenate the face, moisturize the skin and reduce the effects caused by time around the eyes, innovating the way to make facial fillers with hyaluronic acid applications. In addition to dermocosmetics we sell conscious makeup and free from animal cruelty, without parabens and vegans.



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