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Is your Skin Ready for Summer?

What steps are you taking to get your skin ready for summer and is that such a thing?

Actually yes, there is! Our skin is like a plant, it needs water constantly or it dries and ultimately "dies" (dead cells accumulate). Moisturizing and hydrating are critical steps to keep the skin hydrated, healthy and to avoid dryness. If you have oily skin that requires less moisturizing, pay attention to changes it might occur during the summer and adjust your skincare routine.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Not only your skin but the entire body, drink lots of water.

Diet is also very important to keep the skin hydrating. Tips: add avocado to your diet, take cold showers, exfoliate regularly. These and many other tips can be found at

Look for products that are all natural and made with natural oils such as Pracaxi, natural moisturizing ingredients like muru- muru which can be found at the Amazonian Beauty Rituals at .


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